About Us

Every Gift Tells A Story


North Beach Art started on a wing & prayer back in 2013 as a tiny Etsy shop full of hand carved items…but in Florida (and it’s temperamental weather), we quickly found out we couldn’t keep up with demand from our tiny shop so we decided to go a bit of a different route.  Still hand carving amazing art like these popular egrets





So one day we made the leap & invested in a laser engraver machine!  Right smack in the middle of our living room! Through a lot of learning (i.e. trial and error) we dialed it in and managed to create an anniversary gift that people actually loved as much as we do, now we offer over 100 items for the couple, be it celebrating an anniversary or newly married:



Our products, we hope, inspire you as they do us...

Every Gift Really does tell A Story. 


We hand craft and handle each and every piece personally.

See how we've been doing over at Etsy @ https://www.etsy.com/shop/northbeachart/reviews